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Lean Manufacturing

There is no screw that cannot be tightened just a little bit more.

For more than 15 years IFAO AG has been one of the leaders in Toyota® Production Systems in Germany.  We pride ourselves on having been one of the first consultancies to have successfully implemented TPS methods such as Kaizen and CIP within some of the most well-known OEM and Tier 1 and 2 automotive manufacturers.  What counts today is the wide experience that forms the basis of our implementation strengths.  Our experts are able to recognize potentials immediately and to generate fast realizable savings with the help of Lean Manufacturing methods.

On the basis of increasing globalization and worldwide growth in competition, companies are under intense and ever-increasing cost pressure.  An efficient production and the right production system often represent the decisive competitive advantage.  Higher numbers of variants and shortened production life cycles have driven on the discussion for an integrated production system.  Strengthened through the high sales and demand fluctuations, the requirements on the production system are vastly increased.  JIT/JIS, Kanban, Kaizen, TPM, standardization and value management have taken on a greater importance.  And last but not least – what really distinguishes today’s production from the past are neither machines nor equipment in factories, but the processes which drive them.

We have gained acceptance from major corporate groups and mid-sized businesses through a stringent implementation orientation, an integrated understanding, and with it a combined business approach.

The requirements of production today call for still higher flexibility and further optimization of production processes in all plants.

Business activities  

  • Potential scanning & identification
  • Efficiency programs
  • Toyota® Production System
  • Kaizen in the production process
  • Technology consulting
  • Layout development in Brownfield and Greenfield environments 

Exclusive tools in application on the shop floor

  • Analysis of production peripherals
  • Time study
  • Video analysis
  • SMED
  • Gemba walks
  • SIS Workshops (set initial standard at the shop floor)

IFAO's experts distinguish themselves through many years of professional experience in the sectors of automotive manufacturing, automotive supply industry, and mechanical engineering.  Together with a wide experience in international project management, our customers benefit from a far-reaching network of contacts within many “best-in-class” manufacturing facilities.  Goal-oriented, structured and transparent approaches as well as the high level of procedural competencies ensure a successful project conclusion and the absolute realization of established project potentials.


Toyota Production System (please klick to enlarge picture)

A selection of successfully supported and implemented projects:

Potential scanning

  • Identification of potentials in production and logistics
  • Identification of potentials in direct and indirect production areas

Production system approach

  • Optimization of the work environment through standards in the work station
  • Optimization of the production logistics through takted delivery
  • Optimization of equipment availability though TPM
  • Optimization of quality levels through use of Quality Gates
  • Communication of standards through master classes and handbooks/training documents
  • Auditing the implementation of the Production System methods

Kaizen in the Production Process

  • Improvement of equipment availability through the elimination of main problem factors
  • Optimization of the production process through Kaizen Workshops

Technology Consulting

  • Significant optimization of setup time through simple technological solutions
  • Reduction of process time through the use of more innovative materials

Layout Design

  • Strategic layout planning in Greenfield environment
  • Optimization of the plant layout with regard to Lean Manufacturing
  • Support in the creation of a general structure plan