Software Solutions for Production & Logistics

The advancements of digital tools and resources for production and logistics are greatly contributing to the competitiveness and integration of supply chains, and by default, to the technological and organizational changes in companies.

Do you want to better understand, control and optimize your business and internal processes in the future? Automation and transparent real time data collection with integrated analytics offers new perspectives here. From the functionality of the system architecture to the interfaces in the application, we consult with your specialists to develop the right approach to data usage in the production.

It does not matter if your focus is on data collection via PDA applications, if you are looking for a planning tool in the area of ERP, PLM or MES systems, or if you want to optimize your quality management with a CAQ solution, you can count on our experts to ensure you get the right support.

We find the right application for your organization, methods-based and provider-independent, and implement it together with your employees.

System Selection and Efficiency
Functional design and The Internet of Things
Integration and System Architecture Design
Go Live and Optimization Planning

Your company’s specific process requirements are the basis of our engagement.

We will work with you using real data to define the fundamental functional areas of your future system, capturing the characteristics and requirement profile in a rough pre-specification.

Nothing depicts the potential solution better than to verify the functional and technical features of each provider in a simulation and to then compare the results versus requirements in a specification sheet.

Using this systematic selection process, the preferred system providers can demonstrate their range of services and your users can test the practicality.

Obviously, our recommendation is not solely based on functionality and user-friendliness, but above all cost-effectiveness, safety and system performance are always key criterion for our consultants.


The term Internet of things sometimes seems daunting.

Basically, it is the full digitalization of industrial production, the connection of information, operations and communications technology.

Systematic diagnostics can be used to achieve the goals of digitalization.

Partner with us to develop your own customized Blueprint. This will allow you to compare the demands of the focus areas against the process and software functionality. 

From the very beginning of the diagnostics, we will recommend changes for process improvements and prepare your organization for the upcoming transformation.

Taking a provider-independent approach ensures that we will find the optimal system for your departments.

In light of technical innovation, the integration of a new system into an existing architecture requires an individual solution covering a wide range of factors.

In addition to the functional aspects, we focus, first and foremost, on the security of your data using cutting-edge technologies.

We will evaluate your specific solution requirements, and map out the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We will then submit a customized recommendation to meet your requirements.  

The new work environment will be fully operable from the outset, delivering high productivity.  Our consultants will always ensure that the applications are scalable and that software peripherals can be integrated.

We look forward to future-proofing your company’s system architecture. 


The success or failure of the system will depend on increases in worker productivity, as well the improvement in process transparency.

We will validate that the application and all functions are working flawlessly before it goes live as well as ensuring that users are intimately familiar with all functions.  

The key to success is getting key users involved to test the system at an early stage and to eliminate possible vulnerabilities before the launch.

A personalized support concept will allow us to gradually implement tweaks to help customers improve their work environments, and to supplement if necessary.